We drove back to Washington to leave Libby and Lacey with Cindy for 6 weeks

Google Review on May 7, 2017

We have been taking our dogs to Cindy at Mystic Mountain for over 10 years. She and her staff are fabulous. We have never had an issue with the care of our dogs while they are with Cindy. She sends pictures of the dogs during their stays which are fun to get and reassuring while away on vacation. When socializing the dogs in the large play area, she groups the dogs looking at temperaments, size and other things to reduce incidents while outside. She even does that in the areas where the dogs sleep.

We started taking our first dog, Abby, to Mystic Mountain from Sammamish at least 10+ years ago. After Abby was diagnosed with cancer Cindy was there to watch her while we had to be away. After losing Abby she watched Pepper for years and then even while Pepper was on numerous medications for kidney disease.

In 2016 we had two 5 month old puppies, Libby and Lacey, and we left them at Mystic Mountain for two weeks. The pups did great and were socialized with many dogs while we were gone. This last August we moved to Colorado and never questioned where we would board Libby and Lacey during our last vacation. In March we drove back to Washington to leave Libby and Lacey with Cindy for 6 weeks as we traveled out of the country.

We never worried about them because Cindy has always treated our dogs as her own. I highly recommend Mystic Mountain!!!! Lynn (sad to be so far from Mystic)