Thank you for being my new home away from home!

Benson&ballDear Cindy,
Thank you for taking such good care of me while mom was on her business trip.  While your web site talked about taking care of the emotional needs family pets like me, I think you were actually taking care of the emotional needs of my owner!  You made me feel comfortable immediately and, in turn, mom felt at ease knowing I was in good hands.
Your knowledge of animals, your compassion for rescues, and your sensitivity to not just individual breeds, but to each of our personalities, created a perfect blend of “people time” with you, socialization with friends close in play style to mine, and a balance of quiet time in my room with my own toys, my own blanket, and mom’s pillowcase.
This loving combination allowed me to come home rested and relaxed and eager to incorporate back into “real life” in Kirkland.  Your photos were proof to mom of the great time I had … as was the kiss I gave you from the car before my departure.  I don’t kiss just anyone, you know!

Thank you for being my new home away from home.
Love and kisses,