Services, Products, Resources & Referrals that Cindy wants to share with you!

These links are included for your information and each person needs to determine what is right for themselves and their families.

Animal Friendly Products

  • (Mystic Mountain Product) – Natural rodent deterrent; invented, patented and packaged by Cindy Hill
  • Transfer Factor  available  thru
  • Detox Products Zeolite that the whole family can use…humans, dogs, cats and horses…we add the Zeolite Pure Product every day in our protein drink and to the dogs and cats food.
  • oxygen powered citrus based cleaner used at Mystic Mountain Retreat, both with the pups and in the home
  •– Drs Foster & Smith (online animal products catalogue)
  •– Herbal Solution used at Mystic Mt, available at most feed stores and at Sams
  • – Rain jackets used at Mystic Mountain Retreat (Dura-Tech Waterproof Breathable Dog Sheets)

Natural Food and Supplies, local stores

Animal Therapy and Communication Services

Canine Warm Water Therapy Services

Holistic Veterinary Services and Great Holistic Information

Dog Training

Local Holistic Human Services

General Alt Healing Information

Animal Rescue Groups

Business Services

  • For Mystic Clients, Just let me know if you would like your local business here

Animal Art

Animal Related Sites

Local Vacations to go with your dog