Rates & Policies

All your dogs and cats needs are covered in the daily price. There are no hidden charges. Each guest gets pampered treatment including about 8 daily outings, treats, medications, special diets, play and lots of love. If you are thinking of a trip let us know, even a year in advance.

• $46 for one dog each night
• $72 for two dogs sharing a room each night*
• $93 for three dogs sharing a room each night*
• $21 for each additional dog sharing a room*


Where did that toy go?CATS
• $26 for one cat each night
• $37 for two cats sharing a room each night*
• $43 for three cats sharing a room each night*
• $6 for each additional cat sharing the same room*



*All animals that share *must* live in the same household and like each other. If we have to separate then additional charges will be applied.

• For trips 4 nights or less, pickup after 1:00 incurs a day rate of $30/45/60 for dogs and $20/25/30 for cats

• Pick-up/drop-off after 5:00 may be charged a fee of $40 for dogs and $30 for cats. All times after 5:00 must be pre-approved and if not our gates may be closed.

OTHER SMALL ANIMALS (ferrets, rabbits, chickens, ducks, gerbils, etc. )
Please call or email for pricing

Rates & Policy Details

Drop-off, Pick-up and Tour Times
• Yes we do live here at the ranch but we may be running errands, going for hikes or just going out to dinner.
• To make sure we are home and to keep the noise level down all drop-off, pick-up and tour times MUST be scheduled before coming out.
• Please call when you turn onto the Ben Howard Road, this will give us 15 minutes to get our dogs inside for their safety and to keep everyone from barking.  425-971-3527, if we don’t answer just leave a message and come on up.
• Watch for our friendly cat (Turbo), he tries to get into cars and will jump into an open door, window or sky-lite even if you have an aggressive dog inside. Please close all windows, sky-lites and check before you leave so you don’t bring our kitty home.

Mystic Mountain Retreat Hours
Please let us know when you will be coming, we will have caregivers per the below hrs; all other times only by approved appointment.   425-971-3527  (Mystic Mt Directions)

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 5:00 or by appt (prefer between 10:00 – 4:00)
Saturday: 10:00 – 5:00 or by appt (prefer between 11:00 – 3:00)
Sunday: 10:00 – 5:00 or by appt (prefer between 11:00 -3:00; on some Sundays late pickup between 7:30 – 8:00 pm pre-approved only, late/day fee applies)
Pick-up/drop-off after 5:00 may be charged a fee of $40 for dogs and $30 for cats.

For new dogs please try to come mid-day so your pup will have some fun and get used to the ranch before dinner and the evening quiet time.  If you live in Seattle or the Eastside mid-day is the best time for traffic.

Special Needs Animals
– Most special care is included in the daily price; for “extra” special needs care additional charges may be required; these will be assessed prior to your pets stay.
– For insulin injections a charge of $5 per each sub-Q injection.
– For some high engery dominate dogs daily training may be required for boarding.
– While we can care for dogs who don’t do well with other dogs, we are very hands on with our guests so all dogs must be safe with our caregivers…we are unable to care for reactive dogs that my be aggressive with humans.   If your dog is deemed unsafe you will need to pickup your dog as we don’t have any kennels that are safe for aggressive dogs.
– For the safety of the dogs we are unable to care for dogs that have severe separation anxiety, please contact Cindy if you feel your dog may have issues with staying away from humans in their room overnight and between play sessions.
– Trial overnights are recommended if you are unsure if your dog will do well at camp for separation anxiety, possible aggression or other reasons. This allows everyone to determine if we are the right fit while the owners are available to pickup the pup.

Boarding Discounts
• Stays 10 – 20 nights receive 10% discount, 10th night free!
• Stays over 21 nights receive 15% discount.
• Discounts do not apply over any holiday periods and school breaks (i.e. summer, winter, mid-winter and spring break).
• Discounts do not apply for high energy, dominate dogs or special needs animals.
• Additional discounts for multi species from the same family (example, $5 off the care for a kitty each night if we are caring for your dog).
• Additional long term discounts may apply for well mannered dogs depending on size, health, temperament, training, time of year and other factors.

Mystic Mountain Retreat Tours 
• By appointment only
• Most days between 11:00 – 2:00
• Other times dependent per yours and our schedule, please let us know what works for you and we will try to support it.
• Even if you have a scheduled appointment you may need to wait for caregivers to finish a play session or if there is another tour, check-in or check out at the same time.
• Yes bring your dog on the tours, just wait for a caregiver before letting them out of the car and watch for our dogs, cats and chickens.
• Watch for our friendly cat (Turbo), he tries to get into cars and will jump into an open door, window or sky-lite even if you have an aggressive dog inside. Please close all windows, sky-lites and check before you leave so you don’t bring our kitty home.

Dog Training (basic, manners and confidence)
• Add on manners and confidence training during normal boarding (contact Cindy for information)
• 30 minutes (two sessions) $30; four 15 minute sessions $50; each additional 15 minute session $10
(training is normally 15 minutes but may be broken into 10 minute sessions depending on your pups needs, age, amount of training, and length of boarding)

• Cash, checks or money order. Sorry, no credit cards at this time
• For stays longer then 12 nights, we require a 50% deposit at time of check-in.

Shuttle Service
• Mystic Mountain Retreat has coordinated with a couple of  taxi services to get your animals to camp if you are unable to bring them yourself.    Please click here for more info.  (these are very limited)

Health and Vaccinations
• Mystic Mountain Retreat is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy place for your animals friends and believes in a holistic approach; including vaccinations, worming, and flea control.
• As each animal has different health and lifestyle risks we support individualized vaccination, flea, tick and worming schedules as long as you are working with a veterinarian (either holistic or allopathic).
• As health risks and vaccination information changes on a daily basis, we feel it is up to the pet parents working with their professional veterinarians to determine the best schedule for pets and do not require yearly vaccinations if they have been determined to have long-term immunity or if there are health risks.
• For the vaccination plan that Cindy follows for her own animals see: http://mercyvet.com/vaccines-revisited/  ).
• To limit the spread of parasites all dog guests must provide a negative fecal test within the last 6 months as they share our play field (cats are not required as they use personal litter boxes). Please check at least a few weeks ahead as medicine to remove parasites may take up to 10 days.
• Canine cough and flu vaccinations are up to the owner and their veterinarian as dogs can get infected with the virus even if they have had the vaccination.
• Signs of a dog with canine cough or the flu may take days – weeks after a dog has come in contact with a virus so there is no way to fully ensure other guests won’t come in contact with the virus at dog camp, at the dog park or even walking down the street; this is similar to kids getting a cold or the flu at school or while playing with other kids.
• To keep Mystic as clean as possible we spray our fields every week with a cleaner, fully clean all rooms and bedding between guests, wash bowls every day and provide good air flow to reduce the spread of colds between the guests.  But as the dogs play with each other and share the same play field there is no way to keep your dog away from other dog germs.
• If your dog goes to dog parks or does not follow an holistic feeding program we suggest staying current with vaccinations.
• All vaccinations should be given at least 7 days before their stay at camp or any stressful change in their live. This is important if there is a reaction the owners will be able to identify it easier at home.

• To fully support guests, a history form and agreement/contract will need to be filled out and signed before your animals stay or during check-in (forms available upon request or at the ranch).
• Additional visits an “every trip” form will need to be filled out, either during check-in or email for the current form.

What we provide:
We have bowls, towels, blankets, toys, chicken/rice & lamb/rice based canned food for enhancement and healthy USA sourced treats. (If your pup is a shredder please provide your own bedding, additional charges may apply if our bedding is torn beyond normal use.)

You will need to bring:
• All food, supplements, bones, and medications (we have room to store raw food and veggies; if your stay is long please discuss with Cindy storage needs)
• Any special treats (we provide healthy USA sourced treats)
• Something with home smells on it (toys, un-washed bedding or towels/t-shirts from mom or dad)
• Any behavior tools you use at home such as gentle leaders/halters, prong collars, or barking control collars
• Anything that will help your fur-kids have a happy stay including toys, crates, beds, blankets etc. (soiled bedding may be washed and can be miss-placed so please don’t bring any favorites )
• Please no bowls as they get washed 2x a day and can be miss-placed (special feed restriction bowls ok)
• Leashes may also get misplaced so either take them home or leave favorites at home
• NO favorites as items may get lost, destroyed or another dog may take it home.

Tours & Visits
Please call or email for an appointment and driving directions (Mystic Mt Directions). Please no unscheduled visits as we may be busy with the guests, out on hikes with the dogs or running errands. Please make sure to have your dog is on a leash as we have friendly cats and chickens around the house and pond area.

Dog Training Methods
Mystic Mountain Retreat, Loving Dog Training; utilizes a combination of positive feedback, natural training, balanced training, communication, and energy balancing for our training processes.  While dogs are very special individuals who understand many levels of being, they are also canine’s with their own behaviors that are separate from us humans. Thus during your pups stay we will work with them to understand the rules which will ensure the safety for other guests, the caretakers and your pup.  If you would like to discuss our processes please contact Cindy.

• Mystic Mountain Retreat is a commercial kennel so we must adhere to county regulations regarding noise.   Specifically, we cannot have a “repetitive barker”. The county defines a repetitive barker as a dog who barks continuously for 10 minutes of any 30 minute time frame.   Repetitive barking not only bothers the human neighbors but also other guest dogs and even themselves as it may cause stress to their digestive system.
• If your dog is a repetitive barker, we will use consistent and fair methods to quiet them.
• First we have lots of fun and interaction to hopefully tire out your dog. We use communication to determine if anything is wrong and to let them know the rules and why barking is inappropriate behavior.

• If the barking continues we utilize various techniques and tools to help with their training depending on the pups individual needs:
– Water spray bottles are our first tool after communication for quick corrections
– Time outs when barking and treats when they are quiet
– Lemon collar that sprays a quick burst of lemon near the dog’s nose when he/she barks (many dogs don’t like the smell and will eventually figure out that it only happens when he/she is barking, some dogs seem to like the smell).
– Stimulation/bark collars that starts with a small level of stimulation and slowly increases. When the pup stop barking the collar automatically is reset to the lowest level. If for some reason the barking continues the collar is deactivated to ensure the stimulation is only for training. We only use the highest quality training collars to ensure all corrections are fair and accurate.

• If we use any training tools once the pup has figured out barking is not appropriate we step backwards in the process so most pups are trained not to bark without any aids. The dogs we have had to use these aids with have not been stressed out and have continued to have a great time while at Mystic Mountain Retreat, Loving Dog Boarding

We will be increasing our rates $1 per day for each dog and cat every June 1 until future notice.

We reserve the right to refuse service for any animal, per Mystic Mountain Retreat’s discretion.