Holistic Energy Wellness & Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)
SRT is a quick and accurate spiritual healing technique that helps remove blocks that keep you or your animal friends from living a whole life. SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical challenges in many areas including: current life crises, health problems, relationships, or esteem issues. SRT is accomplished for animals, humans, property or business. As energy has no limitations on space or distance; SRT can be conducted either in person, over the phone or thru email. Learn more about SRT.

Energy Wellness
During an Energy Wellness session Cindy combines many of the energy techniques that she has learned over the last 15 years. Each session is dependent upon each client’s needs and may include but is not limited to: Polarity, Kinesiology, TTouch, Pendulum energy, Crystal healing, Magnets, Energy essences (flower, crystal, homeopathic), SRT advanced level, Spiritual Restructuring, Matrix Energetics (Level II), Reiki (Level III), and Communication (Level II). Each animals energy is first balanced & cleared and then dependent upon their needs and amount of sessions, Cindy will utilize different healing techniques to provide greater health and wellness.

Rates and Fees
Energy Wellness (Spiritual Restructuring, Reiki, Matrix Energetics)
•$20/15 minute $30/30 minute sessions, for boarded animals staying at Mystic Mt Retreat
•$70/hr for other animals and humans


Holistic Care discussion, suggestions and sessions are not intended to heal, diagnose, prescribe, or replace the advice or care of your primary health care practitioner/doctor or veterinarian.