Health & Healing

baloo_cindyCindy Hill has been practicing alternative holistic care for over 30 years with her family, friends and animals. During this timeframe she discovered, re-learned, and enhanced a variety of innate healing modalities through healers, teachers and books. These skills are now being offered as an additional service at Mystic Mountain Retreat for yourself, your animal kids, and other areas of your life.  Click here for holistic services

Cindy’s Philosophy on Good Health Care:
1) enjoy life and give back
2) eat whole and live foods (whole grains, real veggies, real sugar, vegetarian feed animals who are used for food products and organic/local)
3) connect with your spiritual and life path
4) be active through walking, sports, activities and exercise
5) have an aligned body (massage, yoga, energy, chiropractors)
6) remove heavy metals and toxins from your body and environment
7) maintain a healthy immune system with great food and supplements
8) have a health care practitioner that meets your beliefs and goals
9) keep learning and growing
10) most important – have fun!

Cindy’s Holistic Health Background

I started in alternative healing techniques and herbal supplements early in the 1980’s for myself, husband, friends and my animal kids. This started when my neighbor and friend Maryann Ivons introduced me to herbal supplements and Homeopathic treatments while she was going back to school to become a Naturopathic Physician.

Over the years every time one of my animal kids got sick or were injured I learned or found new techniques or supplements to aid in their healing path and how allopathic medicine did not have all the answers (and in fact was very limited in their expertise). Some of these modalities helped me to discover that I had innate healing skills with Polarity, Kinesiology, TTouch, Pendulum energy, Crystal Healing, Magnets, and Energy essences (flower, crystal, homeopathic).

See stories about Olaf and Britches.

During my numerous searches for care, I met many healers who also became teachers and friends and learned various techniques from books and classes. About 2003 I started taking recognized energy training to enable myself to formally provide these services to aid other animals, humans and property with their healing and wellness path.

Spiritual Response Therapy (advanced level training and monthly meeting’s), Spiritual Restructuring, Matrix Energetics (Level II), Reiki (Level III), Animal Communication (Level II).

To ensure I maintain and enhance my healing skills I meet monthly with a healing circle and a SRT group and I am always looking for new classes, books and ideas to learn new techniques that will support additional wellness.

While the term “Healer” is used thru-out the alternative community I believe I am not a healer but a facilitator for healing, requesting from Spirit that each session that I provide to be at the highest healing for that animal or person at that time in their life.

If you have any questions or would just like to talk about my history please contact me,

Thanks, Cindy