Focus on the dogs’ individual needs (as well as the quirks of the owners)

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARochelle and I want to thank you. As long as we have been together our dogs have been our children, and when we lived near family we trusted only family members to take care of them. Now that we’ve moved up to Seattle it’s been hard to find someone we trust as much who we know the dogs will have a good time with. Until now that is. We’re incredibly happy with our experience, and so are the dogs. We can tell they enjoyed their time at Mystic Mountain Retreat, and your steady emails as well as the picture packet you gave us when we picked them up put our minds at ease. It really allowed us to enjoy our vacation not having to wonder “Gosh are the dogs ok? Are they happy or miserable?”
We especially love the packet you gave us with the pictures of the dogs’ enjoying their stay. We have our vacation photos, they have theirs as well! It’s wonderful to get to see them looking so happy and playing, and gives us a pretty clear idea of the time they had!
There are a lot of boarders out there to choose from. But Mystic Mountain Retreat’s play area, spacious sleeping areas and focus on the dogs’ individual needs (as well as the quirks of the owners :>) is a cut above the rest and worth every penny. We can’t wait to have our next trip, knowing that Buddy, Adia, and Illusion are going to get their own vacation with plenty of playtime and fun too.
Thank you again so much.
Stephen and Rochelle, Buddy, Adia, and Illusion!