When I came to pick up Lady, she greeted me with a big smile!


When I brought Lady to you for boarding, I was extremely distressed because I had been to 10 places and was disappointed by almost all of them and had settled on two, yours and one other. This was to be Lady’s first extended boarding experience. I had given her a test run by having her boarded at her vet for weekend. When I picked her she was listless and depressed. I spend that afternoon and all of the next day soothing her.
Based on the location of the first kennel, I scheduled Lady to be boarded. Two days prior to leaving on my vacation, the owner of her original placement called to inform me that her kennel was infected with kennel-cough. Having visited your kennel previously, I had been impressed with how you handled your animals and the care shown to the little sheltie in the harness. Your location was serene a the atmosphere was friendly.
That cancellation turned out to be a blessing for Lady. Lucky for both lady and me, you had space in your kennel. She was very warmly received and I knew that she would be well cared for. I could see that you could connect with Lady and read her. I did not worry about leaving her.
When I came to pick up Lady, she greeted me with a big smile! She was happy and she was content. I knew that you had cared for her just as you would care for your own animals.
I have told all of my coworkers and friends about your facility and the intuitive way that you can connect with animals. I highly recommend your services for anyone needing pet care. I also love the pictures that you took of Lady.
Thank you again for the kindness that you showed Lady and me.