Taxi and Shuttle Service

Notice: Cindy Hill is not affiliated with the below shuttle services, they are provided here as a reference and service to our clients who may need help getting their dogs and cats to camp. If you know of any additional shuttle service providers please let us know about them.

Mystic Mountain Retreat recommends that all animals  be transported safely either with a private ride or in a travel crate provided by you or the transport provider or in some other secure manner that separates animals during transport.  Allowing animals free access to other unknown animals while traveling is strongly discouraged.

Please provide payment, boarding check-in forms/documents, food, and bedding with clear instructions to your shuttle driver. Also please make sure the shuttle driver has the directions to Mystic Mountain (even if you have used them before), do not expect the service provider to give the directions to each driver.

Directions to Mystic Mountain Pet Retreat. 


Dog Gone Taxi

Taxi service for the Seattle and Eastside; provides shuttling to and from Mystic Mt Pet Retreat



Cindy (Mystic Mt) Shuttle Information

Shuttle service by Cindy is available on a very very limited basis, depending on schedules (as we are caring for the dogs);  Please contact Cindy for specifics and availability. Rates range from $30 – $90 depending upon location, day, time of day, and other schedule factors.

Possible Meeting Locations:

For questions or reservations email Cindy or call (360) 794-6388 or (425) 971-352